Diane was invited to talk at The King's Cross Visitor Centre it was standing room only. Diane chatted - and sang - to a large and jolly crowd at The King's Cross Visitor Centre on the 6th August 2014. She explained how the London - wide Pearly tradition started in Somerstown, moving on to talk about the life and times of her father, Alf Dole - in particular his early years living and growing up in Somerstown during the 30s and 40s, how the wartime years affected the families living in the area and how they made it through the rough times. Diane - and the audience finished with a great rendition of all three verses of 'My Old Man' (A song which also tells the story of some of the Londoners' plight).

My visit to The Kings Cross visitor centre was full to standing - all attended enjoyed the jaunt through some of the old times of Kings Cross / St Pancras and we finished with a good old sing song.