Furnace Brook Brewery


Pearly Pale Ale

A pale yellow, fruity sweetish bitter with a dry hoppy finish. A light, refreshing beer.

Furnace Ale

Ruby black with a brown tint to the head. The aroma is liquorice with a subtle hint of dandelion & burdock.

The initial taste is hoppy & bitter with a mellowing of all the elements in the finish.

Alfie’s Amber Ale

Refreshing, well-balanced pale amber bitter. Well balanced flavour with malt slightly to the fore merging into a satisfying bitter sweet finish.

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Furnace Brook Brewery

Furnace Brook  aims to demonstrate  practical sustainability including diversification of rural  businesses through micro enterprises.

Not surprisingly our first enterprise to launch is our beer, because what better way to get people together than over a pint or two

Brewed by the Pearly Queen herself!

“Growing up in London pubs were the heart of the community – when you live three families to a house, you’ve got to have somewhere to escape to!

In late summer we all went off to the hop fields in Kent and Sussex which meant us kids got some fresh air & we made a few bob.

In both places there was always a sing song around the piano and pint of beer (or lemonade for the kids).

Being a Pearly Queen is all about community for me and what better way to bring community together than beer!