At last years Somers Town festival we met a lovely lady called Tina Swasey and her partner Simon. They were both so taken with our Pearly tradition after meeting us and reading dads book that they set about organising a memorial Plaque placed on what was Henry Crofts last place he lived.

The total needed was £450 which was easily reached and passed I personally donated a contribution in honour of Henry and my Gt Grandad George Dole friendship and out of respect for all that Henry did.

Here is Tina’s piece for the funding page.

After meeting some Pearlies at a community event in Somers Town, reading The Pearly Prince of St Pancras and learning about the rich Pearly history here in Somers Town, it only made sense to reconnect and remember the original Pearly King and founder Henry Croft. 

In the past year, my partner and I have been organising the planning of a commemorative plaque via the Heritage Foundation to be mounted on the site of Henry Croft's previous residence and ensuring the local Housing Association, Origin Housing Limited, are happy with the planning.

Historically, Henry Croft lived on 15 'Charles Street' from 1892-1930 on what is now Phoenix Road. The original terraced buildings are no longer with us and according to historic maps is now set in the location of St Augustine’s House built mid-1930's.

The plaque will include the following content (tbc): 
The Heritage Foundation
Henry Croft
The Original Pearly King
1861 - 1930
Founder of the Pearly Kings & Queens Tradition, Charitable Fundraiser, Road Sweeper, Orphan & Father 
Lived here at 15 Charles Street (now Phoenix Road)
Camden Borough Council 

Good news is that we're nearly there! All that needs doing now is to cover the cost of the plaque production and mounting (£450.00 - we're happy to put forward 10%) and plan a date to commemorate  (Sunday, 26 May - right after Henry Croft's birthday on the 24th - tbc)!

Henry Croft.jpeg

Our Pearly King of Kings and founder Mr Henry Croft.